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Member Announcements


Skedaddle Ridge Trails People Inc. was very pleased to present a $1000 cheque to Mount Pleasant Community Centre

President Corey Joundry (right) and Jason Derrah Treasurer (left) to support their facility.

Presenting the cheque is Skedaddle Ridge ATV Club President Curtis Crain (center)


* Skedaddle Ridge Club #51 Trail Permits are now available at the locations identified on this website
* Quad operators are reminded on April 15th, some trails should not be used until conditions have improved to prevent unnecessary and expensive trail maintenance repairs
* Contact the Club and volunteer some time to do repairs to ensure they are safe for all families and outdoor enthusiasts
* Stay on the trail and be respectful of agricultural crops and livestock
* Do not leave any garbage at the many rest areas or on the trail
* If you identify an unsafe trail condition this must be reported to the Club immediately. Please mark the spot to protect other operators from serious injury
* Do not let your behaviour and actions result in a landowner refusing access and the loss of the trail


* Spring Rally June 4th

* BBQ and Pot-Luck August 27th

* Fall Rally Oct. 1st

* Christmas Party Nov. 24th

Beryl de Beaupre

Aug. 31, 1945 – Feb. 28, 2022

Skedaddle Ridge Trails People Inc. would like to express their deepest sympathy to the family of Beryl de Beaupre as they mourn her loss.

Beryl was a special lady who took a leadership role and was instrumental in the creation of Skedaddle Ridge Trails People Inc. and a dedicated member who devoted countless hours planning and supporting Club activities and events over the years.  As a founding member, she volunteered many years as both the Club Secretary and Treasurer.  She was a willing participant whenever a request for assistance came from her many Club friends.   Skedaddle Ridge Trails People Inc. has benefitted from her generous and selfless nature.

Her accomplishments and memory will live on with her many friendships.

The Trekkit TV crew selected the Skedaddle Ridge trail system for their next 2021 series.  Trekkit promotes the ATV sport as a safe, outdoor, family activity and includes many tourist attractions only accessible with an off-road vehicle when they explore NB in their programs.